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$220K Stretch Goal - Fifteen Typo Spells

August 18, 2018

As the $220K stretch goal, here are 15 typo spells for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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(The Law of Fives dictates that these updates be in sets of five, but these are short and silly, so you get 15 if them.)

Back when Wizard was first being playtested, a typo turned the Magic Fist spell into “Magic Fish.” That has stayed with me . . .

So here are three fives of magic spells created by one-letter typographical errors from real spells. The back-translation to the original spell is left to the reader.

7-Hex Mall

Creates a small but well-stocked row of shops where you may buy dungeon essentials.

Blasé Trap

Catches its victims in the most mundane and boring fashion imaginable.

Bread Weapon

If you have read Terry Pratchett, you are already giggling. If not, you need to go read Terry Pratchett.

Control Parson

Also works on priests, mullahs, and (at a -4) lay brothers. Has no effect on senior clergy.

Death Smell

Creates a hideous odor, a carrion reek almost as bad as Orc perfume.

Drip Weapon

Causes strategic bits of condensation to fall from the cavern ceiling onto the nose of the foe, distracting them.

Giant Pope

Summons a huge pontiff to smite your foes.

Mage Fight

Creates a giant screen on which is broadcast the World Wizard Fighting finals.

Magic Brainstorm

Everyone in one megahex gets out-of-the-box ideas, which may or may not work.

Magic Fish

Sages have argued for centuries: does this feed a crowd of arbitrary size, or just smite the Sassenach with a summoned salmon?

Megahex Sleet

Creates a small area of truly filthy weather; leaves Slippery Floor behind it.


Summons many, many spiders, or one very big one.


Pops their pants! Makes them dance! Everyone will look askance!

Store Flesh

Creates a refrigerator.

Summon Bead

Creates a small glass bead which lasts for one turn.


To discuss this latest extra for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, please join the conversation on the forums. To join in and support the project, visit the Kickstarter page today.

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