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$189K Stretch Goal - Five More New Rumors

August 9, 2018

As the $189K stretch goal, here are five more new rumors for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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Strange Elementals

Is there really such a thing as a swamp elemental, a sand elemental, a wood elemental? Perhaps these are just local effects of regular elementals – an air elemental in the desert makes a sandstorm, a water elemental in the swamp makes a moving bog, and so on. Or perhaps something different is going on.

The Wizards’ Guild might send a couple of experienced wizards with Control Elemental and Create Elemental – backed up, of course, by scouts, woodsmen, and guards – to a place where such things have been reported.

Exploding Chickens

Sometimes chickens explode. Nobody knows why. It seems to be a thing that usually happened in the next village over, a few years ago, when only one or two people were around.


Tales are told about canines no larger than a big fox, a shadowy gray in color. No one is known to have captured a beggar, and the occasional lucky bowshot yields a medium-small dead canine with no distinguishing marks.

Stories about beggars include:

• They have a natural Blur spell.

• They will follow parties in the woods to scrounge leftovers.

• They have telepathic abilities and will flee when you mean to attack.

• They can plant ideas in your mind such as “I can’t eat another bite!” or “That poor little doggie looks hungry!” or “This meat is rotten, throw it into the bushes!”

• Control Animal spells don’t seem to work on them; at least, wild canines caught with a Control Animal spell don’t show any beggar abilities.

• They are very smart, and can breed with other canines. This might, depending on the tale, yield packs of deadly Blur-using wolves, or intelligent companion dogs with an uncanny ability to communicate with their masters.

• There are even stories of beggar packs, or lone beggars, helping isolated woods-dwellers in exchange for food, warmth, or protection. But wild beggars will not leave the wilderness.

It is said that guard dogs will not alert at the presence of beggars.

There are no credible stories of beggars attacking or endangering travelers.

The Foot-Tickler

Sometimes, in a country inn, a traveler will awaken with a start, feeling something cool and smooth, or warm and furry, gliding along his bare feet. Even if a Light spell is cast instantly, nothing is seen. What is it?

Hex Lizard

An ordinary fast-moving little lizard, usually green or blue. The lizard itself is a real thing, but its powers are rumors. Probably.

Its name is short for “hexapod lizard,” because it has six legs. Mutation? Magic creation? Nobody knows. But the common people see an unusual creature with “hex” in its name! They believe that it is magical, and some wizards have spent a lot of time experimenting with hex lizard tails, eggs, tongues, and so far . . . with nothing, so far as is known, to show for it, except for a lot of leftover lizard bits.

Hex lizards run across roofs and branches, eating bugs and minding their own business. In some places they are very rare, just because people believe they are unlucky (Kill it!) or lucky (Put it in a cage!).

This lizard can shed its tail if it’s grabbed by a predator. The tail will continue to writhe and twist, possibly distracting the would-be lizard-eater. The lizard will grow a new tail. Many lizards can do this, but the hex lizard’s tail is especially wiggly and jumpy, adding to the idea that there must be some magic about it somewhere.


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