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$174K Stretch Goal - Five Impractical Spells

August 5, 2018

As the $174K stretch goal, here are five new practical magic spells for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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Here are five spells known to the wizards of Cidri but rarely used or even taught. However, every one of them does in fact have some practical use for someone.

Vertigo (IQ 9) (T): Makes the victim feel sick and dizzy. DX, IQ, and ST are all reduced by 1 for 1d x 10 minutes.)

Cost: 1 to cast. Cannot be maintained, but can be re-cast. Multiple castings continue the effect longer but don’t increase it.

Practical use: by a secret agent, to convince a foe that he is sick, perhaps. In a tavern, to convince a troublesome customer that he’s had enough, without setting off a confrontation. It would work as a combat spell, but others give a greater effect.

Warts (IQ 10) (T):  Gives the victim 1d6 warts, at least one of which will be on the face. These are permanent unless removed by magic. A wizard can cast Warts again to remove the warts he has caused, but other wizards will have to use more heroic measures.

Practical use: to intimidate those who don’t believe in your powers; as a cruel and unusual punishment.

Costs 1 ST.

Sour Milk (IQ 8) (T): Ruins all dairy products in one megahex, except for anything which the wizard chooses to omit. They become unwholesome and nasty, but not strongly poisonous.

Cost to cast: 2.

Practical use: Revenge or commercial warfare.

Hopping (IQ 12) (T): The victim is forced to hop on one leg. MA is reduced to 4, regardless of armor (go right ahead, put on your plate armor, and try to hop) and no jumping is possible. DX is reduced by 4 for any task performed while moving, but not affected for things the victim does while standing still.

Cost: 2 to cast, 1 to maintain.

Practical use: Practical joke; quick restraint of a prisoner. Emergency combat spell; if it were cheaper or less complex it would be a great way to harass an enemy in battle. As is, unless your side has missile weapons, an enemy can just stand still and wait out the spell.

Adhesion (IQ 10) (S): Holds two things together permanently with about the strength of a single nail driven into a wall. Wizard must actually be touching both things to be adhered.

With care and strength, the items can be peeled or forced apart without leaving a physical trace. A careless separation may damage the weaker of the two, just as if they had been fastened mundanely.

The spell can be cast in reverse to separate things which have been Adhered.

Used on a closed door, Adhesion adds 5 to the strength of the door. Cannot be cast multiple times on the same connection, so it’s not a way to bar a door against armies.

Cost to cast: 1.

Practical use: Actually, this is an extremely useful and general little enchantment . . . but even a wizard knows how to use glue, hammer, and nails, so few bother to learn Adhesion when there are so many other spells to know. Thus, perhaps unjustly, the Guild classes it as “impractical.”


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