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$160K Stretch Goal - Five More Practical Spells

August 2, 2018

As the $160K stretch goal, here are five new practical magic spells for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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Five more practical spells for the wizard who serves a town or village. The last two are difficult, but no less useful for that!

Soothe (IQ 12) (T): Calms an upset person or animal. Especially useful for crying babies! Of course, if there is a reason for the baby to cry, it will start again soon. This spell does not change a diaper, though a properly cast Cleaning would.

Cast on an animal, Soothe reduces by one die the difficulty of an Animal Handler attempt. Cost: 1 ST.

Minor Medicament (IQ 10) (T): Gets rid of a cold, bad breath, pinkeye, dandruff, chiggers, acne, no-spit, and so on. Works on only one thing at a time and does not prevent recurrence. Counteracts the Warts spell, but if you have real warts they will come back in a month or so. May have some small effect on serious diseases, but don’t count on it; use the much more difficult spell Cleansing, if you can. Cost: 3 ST.

Look Your Best (IQ 9) (T): This spell not only subjects you to a minor glamor; it also really cleans you up and makes you stand up straight and smile. Unless you are a bandit leader or something, in which case it strategically applies dirt and enhances your strutting and scowling. This spell will give a +2 to a casual reaction roll, and a +1 to a roll in a situation where the subject really has to interact with individuals. At that point, talk is required rather than just perfect hair or the right tattoos. Cost: 3 ST.

Scrying (IQ 13) (S): The Scrying spell is used to see what is happening somewhere else, right now. Scrying into the past is very difficult, and scrying into the future is just as risky as any other form of fortune-telling; do not depend upon it!

A perfect reflective surface is required, and some mirrors are enchanted for better scrying, but other things can be used:

• A silver bowl of clear water, for quick visions only.

• A cauldron of molten silver or other white metal. Lead has terribly poisonous fumes, and mercury has its own hazards, but either can be used in a pinch. Gallium works if you can find it!

• A perfectly flat and freshly polished sheet of solid silver.

Beware; the iron law of scrying is that “He who sees is seen.” Any scrying tool can open you to the occult vision of others. Therefore, the experienced wizard will empty his silver bowl, cover his mirror, or let his gallium cool to a rough surface!

Scrying is difficult, requiring at least a 4/IQ roll. Add 1 die if the target is within wards or a pentagram. Add 1 die if there is an unbroken protective ring of silver around the place you seek to see.

However, ignore all wards, and subtract 1 die, if there is a mirror or scrying tool in the place you are trying to see.

The extent of the vision depends on the margin by which the roll is made:

1-4 – Quick glimpse, vision only. If you fear your mastery is too great and don’t want to spend strength, use a bowl of water as your mirror and your success will be only at this level.

5-8 – One minute, sound only, or five seconds of vision – your choice.

9 or 10 – One minute, vision and sound

11 and up – Three minutes, vision and sound

Only one attempt per subject per day. ST cost is equal to the margin of success, so a quick glimpse costs little but a detailed vision may leave the caster unconscious (never dead).

Regeneration (IQ 15) (T): Regrows all missing parts of the subject and restores full health. Requires about a week of bed rest to take effect! Does not help the dead; does not offset aging. Does not affect mental problems except those directly caused by an injury. The effect of concussion would be healed; the effect of seeing Great Cthulhu would not.

No magic item is known. There might be a potion but it would be very costly and take just as long to act.

Costs 30 ST.


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