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August 21, 2018: $235K Stretch Goal - Five Levels of Unarmed Combat

As the $235K stretch goal, here are five levels of unarmed combat for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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The unarmed combat rules from the first edition of TFT have been massively modified. Here they are, along with a bonus - the new Brawling skill, which does not combine with "scientific" unarmed combat, but is what you might expect to encounter in a tavern . . .

IQ 7: Brawling (1) Experience with unscientific bar fighting, friendly or otherwise. If you also have Carousing skill, you can roll 2/IQ to keep a brawl friendly, unless you then do something evil.

   • Improvised Weapons. You may “ready” a bottle into an (unthrowable) dagger, throw a mug as though it was a rock (1d-4 damage), or find a club in any piece of broken furniture.

Punch. You do one extra hit of damage with bare hands in either HTH or regular combat.

• Dirty Fighting. You may choose to do two extra hits of damage with bare hands in either HTH or regular combat, but then the brawl is not “friendly.” Foes will fight back dirty or grab weapons if they can.

IQ 10: Unarmed Combat I (1). Basic martial arts, similar to judo, karate, la savate, etc. A figure with this skill can:

Punch. Does +1 damage with bare hands in either HTH or regular combat. Regular bare-hands damage is 1d-4, so you do 1d-3.

Kick. In regular combat, roll to hit at -4, but do +2 damage compared to your bare-hands attack. So you kick at 1d-1.

 To use this skill – or any of the higher-level Unarmed Combat skills – a figure must be unarmored, or wearing cloth armor only, and have both hands free. No “unskilled” use of unarmed combat talents is allowed. A martial artist should not expect to best a prepared, armed and armored foe, but is far more prepared for an impromptu, unarmed... (more)

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